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Inside the Stillwater MN Photo Studio of Argente Photographie With HS Seniors

Studio Photography gets a bad rap. It is only as boring as the photographer makes it. How can your portraits be boring when we have chose the ultimate outfits, put you in flattering poses and elicited true expressions (and maybe blown your hair dramatically for effect)?

Let me tout the benefits of indoor photo sessions:

  • Indoor sessions are an essential way for creating custom wall art that easily fits into your home decor.

  • Indoor session, or partially indoor session is also great for variety in your Senior Album. Indoor, nature and urban make a great combination in creating the Elite Experience for a Haute Album. In an album, indoor locations are a great transition from one location to the next.

  • Including an indoor studio session also is beneficial in the Elite Experience, it gives us a "home base" to return, refresh, change clothes, grab a snack and then move on to the next location.

  • Hair and Make Up can happen in studio.

  • If it is windy, hot or cold, raining or snowing, it doesn't matter! We are inside!

Today, I want to highlight the "White Room" in my home studio.

The white room is well lit, large and versatile. When working with basic backgrounds

it allows the subject to really shine. It can be lit by soft natural light that comes from North facing windows.

Studio Lights can also be utilized in the daytime or in later afternoon and evening. When using studio lights in the White Room, gels are a fun option giving the walls, or subject pops of color.

The White Room is also large enough to set up a backdrop, whether it is a seamless paper for the ultra modern look, a colorful fabric, traditional muslin or a green screen we can achieve any look in this versatile space. Green Screen photos are used to create a fantastical world for sports, academics, theatre or hobbies or travel.

An hour session will fly by with the options the studio has for your experience.

The opportunities for clothing is endless with the studio setting. From formal wear to funky t-shirts and sneakers, basic backgrounds and awesome lighting show off what is important - YOU!

When in the studio, you can feel at home. Bring your outfits and hang them on your dedicated clothing rack. Get ready in a space with large mirror and a basket of necessities like bobby pins, Advil, mouthwash, blotting papers, curling iron, hair spray.

Relax in between outfits, listen to your favorite music, play a little foosball.

Drinks and snacks will keep you hydrated and happy.

Other options for indoor portraits is the teal wall, the dark grey wall and the tan wall.

Easily step outside for a change of pace with the Patio Scene and the Nature Preserve just steps away.

Stillwater MN High School Senior Red Dance Team

Let's collaborate on your HS Senior Photo Experience.

I want your photos to be uniquely you!

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