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12 Days Of Online Art Continues

The 12 Days of Online Art Continues through the end of the month. The next dates and deals are in order of their creation:

25% off

Dec 7 & 8 - Domestic Collection

Dec 9 & 10 - Rust Collection

Dec 11 & 12 - Surreal Collection

Dec 13 & 14 - Surface Collection

Domestic was inspired by the patterns happening in my kitchen. Initially keeping them to myself, thinking they were to weird to be showing off chicken grease and dirty parchment paper, they resulted in winning accolades in my first St. Paul Art Crawl.

Lift Bridge Rust debuted as a show at ArtReach of the rust spots on the Stillwater Lift Bridge before its rehabilitation. I worked on discovering and photographing the small areas of interest right up until the closure ceremony.

Surreal Series was created while photographing the rust spots. An RV hit the bridge and its side mirror broke off and practically fell at my feet. (I was almost hit by flying obects on the bridge twice while working there).The mirror was shattered but still held together by its backing. After waiting for someone to retrieve it, I decided to pick it up and use it to photograph into and see what sort of reflections would happen.

The Surface Series is what happens when I photograph on the surface of the mirror, showing the cracks and breaks. It results in the stained glass effects you see in the images. The mirror is reflecting just the colors of the scene, rather than anything recognizable.

Forget about the art at Kohls or Ikea, fill those blank spots on your walls with some local art, where you know the artist the story.

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