Kristin Prideaux Portrait Artist Argente Photographie Browns Creek Stillwater MN



Photo credit to my youngest elementary age son.

My children are soon to be my assistants, holy cow!!


30+ years capturing with Canon

20+ years Lunch Dates with Husband

10+ years games with kids

2+ year talking in a silly voice to a rabbit


Trembley's Cashew Turtles

bubbly water

summer or fall

faces filling the frame

live music

toes in the sand

bold and graphic


Trips to the Library

digging in the dirt

dragging kids to look at art

sitting in the sunshine watching baseball

walks with friends

Hard Pass


cleaning the floor (but someones gotta do it)

people who don't 

hold the door

wide, empty portraits

plastic bottles

the need for speed


trendy, cliche editing

Kristin Prideaux Argente Photographie Stillwater MN Photographer

Photo credit my oldest middle school aged son!

The Overview

focusing on expression

My Grandfather owned a pharmacy for 50 years. He knew everyone and their children in his small town. His pharmacy had a soda counter, magazines, fancy watches, recliner with a TV in the back room, and film developing. There are a million reasons I loved to visit my Grandpa at his store, but the best were the days my film came back to his store in an envelope with prints and negatives to look at on the light box. 


 I started photographing my dog and stuffed animals with my 110 camera back in the 80's. The camera, be it a AE1, Brownie, Bronica, Polaroid, Pinhole in a Tide Box,  or an iPhone, has been my tool I feel most comfortable using to create. An eye for detail, a sharp visual memory and inquisitive, easy going personality all aid in my behind the lens expertise.

Beginning in 2000,  I photographed Weddings, Portraits and Corporate work under my business Argenté Photographie. Having children and a move from Minneapolis to Stillwater altered my focus. My work has evolved to more portraiture of families, HS seniors and art. 

I love getting to know my clients, and creating an experience that shows off their own dynamic. Maybe it is the sass of the preteen or the close relationship of a grandmother with her grandson. I want to help you show those small things that mean so much. 

Kristin Prideaux Argente Photographie HS Senior Photographer Stillwater MN

high quality equipment does make a difference

Tools for the magic

I use a variety of pro Canon lenses and off camera flash with modifiers. Adobe products for post processing. Well known established photo hosting for reliable image viewing, ordering and 

down loading. I partner with local labs that focus on professional, archival, handcrafted, heirloom quality products with eco-friendly standards.

 Action photos by fantastic clients:

Tara Merkt and Nicole Martens

Kristin Prideaux Argente Photographie Stillwater MN Photographer

Real Talk

Images recalling family stories

See that tooth, The one that is longer than the other. Yeah, me too. My eye goes right to it when I look at an image of myself.

When I was a kindergartner, I was dared to run and then jump and slide on an ice patch at lunch recess. I was super confident I was going to stick the landing. I totally bit it. I broke my nose, i chippedmy tooth (like broke it in half diagnolly) and was bleeding all over the place, so much so that a teacher lent me her mitten to catch the bleeding. I remember being in the chair at the dentist that afternoon and staring at the photo of fall trees above the chair. This veneer isn't the original, but my dentist says it is in great shape. He could fix it very inexpensively, but I am terrified about the process. So until I get over my fear, I am stuck with looking at it in photos.

My loved ones love these images of me. They are the ones who see me this way unfiltered, unedited everyday. Images of our true selves are what will be remembered by our loved ones. Wrinkles, uneven teeth, a few more pounds than we'd like, I could alter all of this with technology, but I choose to rembmeber, and pass on the stories that are behind the imperfections. So when I'm gone, hopefully my kiddos will say, "remember that story of mom when she chipped her tooth?" and their kiddos will know it too.

Kristin Prideaux Argente Photographie Stillwater MN Photographer
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