About Me

I started photographing my dog and stuffed animals with my 110 camera back in the 80's. The camera, be it a AE1, Brownie, Bronica, Polaroid, Pinhole in a Tide Box,  or an iPhone, has been my tool I feel most comfortable using to create. An eye for detail, a photographic memory and inquisitive, easy going personality all aid in my behind the lense expertise.

Beginning in 2000,  I photographed Weddings, Portraits and Corporate work under my business Argenté Photographie. My work has evolved to focus more on Art with a small amount of referral portraiture and projects. 2017 was a successful reintroduction to showing and selling Art and I look forward to what the lies ahead in sharing my unique perspective.

You can now purchase my work at The Stillwater Art Guild Gallery, at the Historic Issac Staples Mill on Main Street.

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