30+ years capturing with Canon

20+ years Lunch Dates with Husband

10+ years games with kids

1+ year talking in a silly voice to a rabbit


Trembley's Cashew Turtles

Good and Gathered Ginger Peach sparkling water

summer or fall

live music

toes in the sand


Trips to the Library

digging in the dirt

dragging kids to look at art

sitting in the sunshine watching baseball

walks with friends

Hard Pass


cleaning the floor

people who don't hold the door

plastic bottles

the need for speed


About Me

focusing on expression

I started photographing my dog and stuffed animals with my 110 camera back in the 80's. The camera, be it a AE1, Brownie, Bronica, Polaroid, Pinhole in a Tide Box,  or an iPhone, has been my tool I feel most comfortable using to create. An eye for detail, a sharp visual memory and inquisitive, easy going personality all aid in my behind the lens expertise.

Beginning in 2000,  I photographed Weddings, Portraits and Corporate work under my business Argenté Photographie. My work has evolved to focus more on referral based portraiture of families, HS seniors and art. 


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