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Artist Statement

As an abstract photographer, I examine the often overlooked minutia of everyday life.  Composing through a macro view I discover patterns, colors and textures that create unique landscapes, familiar shapes and captivating repetitions.  I depend on the capture to create my imagery, rather than digital manipulation. My captures can sometimes be deceiving.  My intention is not to trick but to provoke thought and engage the viewer’s imagination and visual context.


The bulk of my work being shown recently are from my "Lift Bridge" Series. They are less than pocket size blemishes on the finish of the steel and concrete structure of the Historic Stillwater Lift Bridge. They were captured between May and the final day of it’s public access, August 2nd, 2017. The discovery of these tiny art works hidden in plain sight is thrilling to me. These fascinating rust spots will be remembered only through photographs as the surface of the bridge will be sandblasted and repainted in it’s transformation to a pedestrian pathway.

The images in the “Surreal Lift Bridge” series were produced while documenting the aforementioned images. The surreal, cubist effect was obtained through the use of a shattered found object lying on the bridge deck. While traveling too close to the steel structure, an oversized RV lost it’s side mirror, resulting in my creation of these striking reflections.

A Twenty-first Century Fauve,  I strive to transcend the typical concept of a photograph. I  interpret my environment with my metal and glass brush, focusing on expression rather than on realities.

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