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I learn something new every session.

Many of my clients have been with me for a while, this family is one of those. I learn something every session with every family. I write it down, so I don't forget. I strive to be better every time I have a session. This session it was about being patient, flexible and turn failure into success.

This specific day, I went from one set of clients arriving late and not getting as much time as I would have liked to the next set of clients so full of energy I had to really change my plan for how I could capture them. To add to it, my lighting wasn't cooperating. This day I re-learned to take a breath, reset and just let things happen.

After letting these boys be themselves and as rambunctious as they were, and as much work it was to guide and then allow for things to happen, I received the best compliment I could imagine. The mom loves the candid photos of her kids I have done in the past, she knows this is who they are, this is their true personality showing through. She told me they were recently a part of an extended family shoot and mentioned, the other photographer wasn't so flexible. Maybe wasn't up for a challenge. Wasn't willing to adjust and allow for individuals to be themselves. Honestly, I did find my self getting frustrated, and that is when I pivoted. Man, if I don't tear up thinking about how simple a thing that is to just for me to just give up my assumed "control" so I can create for the family in front of me. I am the professional, and I need to give guidance where needed, but as a photographer I also need to just be there sometimes to set it up and allow things to unfold.

I wanted to use my new lights, to create amazing off camera flash portraits. But in reality, my client wanted portraits that she sees her true kids in. Where my goal was a failure, my adjustment to their goal and reality was a success.

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