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Simple, Collaborative Portrait Experience resulting in Luxury Art Works to Experience Together.

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Selecting a photographer can be overwhelming. You probably already know a
 yourself, but will they provide you with exceptionally responsive service,
one of kind luxury art works, and safe, 
convenient scheduling and transactions?

I LOVE crossing items off my to do list. Let me help you do the same.


Together, we will design a portrait experience that will produce one of a kind heirloom 

art works that reflect your style, values and true self.


Through a collaborative process we will plan for multiple steps of the journey at our pre-consultation, answering questions, aligning our goals and building the excitement! 


We will utilize technology so that the process is simple, time saving and allowing you to better envision your final art works in your own home so that sharing the love of your unique crafted imagery happens as soon as possible.

Stillwater High School Senior Photo Contemplative Guy
Stillwater MN High School Senior Picture Boy at Boom Site
Stillwater MN High School Senior Boy at Home Indoors

What People Are Saying

"These turned out wonderful!  Thank you so much!  I appreciate that you took time, especially with the kiddos, to make them comfortable.  You can see the ease in their smiles! "

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

These images are priceless!"

"Thank you so much for sharing your great work with us. 

You made my day - it has been super busy at work and getting home to look at this put a smile on my face! 


Minneapolis Senior Picture Girl Laughing

Hi! I'm Kristin. 
I understand you are busy, and you have a lot of options. 

I want to make your choices as simple as possible. I am happy to offer my expertise in photography to help you navigate getting high quality professional, art works. I can help you make selections of other professionals that aid in this process with skin care, teeth whitening, hair and make up.

I can help you select the right clothing, the right locations and the best timing to make sure your true self shines in every image. I will guide you through your image selection and ensuring you have variety of outstanding fully retouched portraits to proudly display and share with others.

For over 20 years I have photographed many different genres helping me understand the importance of communication and photography in any situation.
I have seen photography trends come and go and understand the importance of bold, true to life, well directed portraits.

I enjoy the energy people bring to their 
session. Each individual helps bring me more understanding about cultures, lives and our community.


Kristin Prideaux Argente Photographer Stillwater MN Photographer

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Stillwater MN High School Senior Picture Girl with skiis in winter
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