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The Start of Fall Mini Sessions

The start of 2020 fall mini sessions started off last weekend and it was great way to kick off my season. The combination of long time clients in a favorite metro location with great weather with the colors starting to change, what more could I ask for? This family's personalities always shine and I always learn something new about them. They always are well coordinated in their clothing, relaxed and ready to have fun.

Years ago, our first session with the girls together they started doing "the heart" (their idea). They have done it every year since.

Centennial Lakes Park is quite large and has many diverse scenes. It works really well for full hour family sessions and is fantastic for Senior Sessions.

The moment one of the daughter's jokes landed and got a good reaction from Dad.

This patch of sedum was amazing with the colors they chose, this wasn't a spot in my initial plan, but once I realized their color scheme I had to have the girls jump in here.

I ask in my question form if I should know about any allergies, here is the reason why Bees and plants. I won't chose a super tight wildflower spot if there are going to be bees to cause any lift threatening situations or plants that might cause sneezing, itching, redness, watery eyes. there are always other scenarios to explore with out discomfort.

Thank you for another amazing year and a helping me have fantastic start to my minis!

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