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Kate's Creative Teen Model Shoot

I am guessing when I asked Kate's mom to meet me at a Stillwater strip mall, she probably was wondering what the heck we were going to do there. I have been looking for different places around town to photograph individuals. Stillwater has amazing texture, nature and architecture, but often these spots are very crowded with people and overused. I LOVE what Stillwater has to offer for backdrops but I am also constantly trying to set myself apart from the pack of the many photographers out there. (I mean, you have seen my art right?! CONSTANTLY trying to set myself apart...). Trying these locations is proof, to me and clients, that creating sessions for Teens and HS Seniors can be tailored to show off their interests and personalities, rather than just going with the "old standard".

Kate was spectacular for this session! She took direction well and even when asked to do something that felt silly, she tired it. The reactions of feeling silly is usually a smile or laugh and is exactly what lets personalities shine. LOVED her outfits, attitude and smile!


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