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Just keep walking...and asking...

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I was asked by a client to come down her way for photos this year. I was more than happy, it wasn't too far and it would be a fun new location to offer. I had no problem filling my other session for that morning. I explored with my kiddos a month or so before, but of course leaves change and and light shifts and I didn't have a few of the places I had originally liked. I had also had an early arriver for my first session, so I didn't get to scout around before sessions like I usually like to do. While photographing the family who made the request to come her way, I was hoping for one more background spot and just wasn't seeing it, so we started walking to a farther spot I had liked but anticipated it was a bit far for my mini session time restraints. Before we got to where I had intended, she mentioned an amazing spot I hadn't explored (I will blame that on my kids who were hungry when I initially scouted). Like I mentioned in my previous post, I learn something every time I shoot. This time it was the lesson of: trust the local. She had grown up here, and she had asked for this spot. How silly it was for me not to ask her about the coolest places in this big park. So there you have it, I might be asking you for photo advice next time!

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