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Emerson's Limited Edition Experience

Emerson had a Limited Edition Session this week. A few of my favorites (which were hard to pick!!). The Limited Edition HS Senior Session is fast paced and give you an awesome variety of backgrounds and poses.

We started at a summer flower spot.

We came back to the studio for her to change and do a few indoor portraits. The teal wall worked AMAZING with her awesome dress. Indoor is great to do some that are bit more formal, (but casual works just great indoors as well)

She changed again and we finished off at a spot downtown Stillwater. She got this CUTE top when she was in Spain (or was it Paris? I had so many questions for her about her summer trip!)

The session took around 1.5 hours with the travel and changes. She has a lot of options for to select for her Haute or Mezzo Album to preserve these awesome memories and images.

I LOVED working with you Emerson!

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