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4 Tips for Personalized HS Senior Photos

HS Senior Photos can end up looking all the same. Especially if you have just a few photographers in your area. They may end up using the same locations, same poses and same expressionless prompts.

You can ensure that you get images that reflect your personality by having a consultation prior to your experience and by following these four easy tips.

TIP 1: Book early!

I first chatted with this Senior's mom on the phone in March. After our initial contact, and her descriptions of her Senior, I started to envision his session. He liked the outdoors, downtown MPLS, his farm, music and MANY other things. I gave her a few ideas and we started planning for 2 session, one in the Summer and one in the Fall. Summer and Fall are the busiest time for photo sessions in MN. Time slots book quickly for prime times. Booking early also ensures I can obtain any necessary permits for very popular locations.


I mentioned using different locations, even outside the metro. In this Senior's case, he had access to awesome machinery on his family's farm. He also had hobbies that he did here, that we showcased as well. This could be anything though from renting dresses or props, including your animals or friends, or locations in or around the state or beyond. Travel within Stillwater area is included in 1 hour sessions, any 2-3 hour session includes in Metro travel. Anything beyond would be quoted by distance and length of stay needed.

TIP 3: Chose Clothing Wisely.

Mae sure the clothing is appropriate for the location. With the Metallic T-shirt and jeans he wore, it was fitting to have a grungier or more urban aesthetic. The earthier tones worked with the more rural and outdoorsy settings. This senior wore a suit at the end, and we went for a James Bond feel. It doesn't have to be new clothing. You need to feel comfortable and it should fit well. Clothing to small, often appears to small, and can be unflattering if it creates bulges or pinching, even on the thinest subject. A lot of times I suggest to select some of your favorite everyday outfits. If something seems to worn, try to replace that item with something similar, still keeping the same overall vibe. Try to have variety in the formality of the outfit from Prom dresses or suits down to shorts, T-shirts or hoodies. Each outfit you will express yourself in different ways.

TIP 4: More Time = More You

If you value the idea of a senior photo experience, make sure you do an extended session or multiple sessions. The more time you have with a photographer, the more you can show your true self. Involving hobbies, locations, activities, jobs, recreational activities, and clothing - you will love to remember all the individualities of being a HS Senior. You can take advantage of different times of day like sunrise, sunset, blue hour, or even night portraits. I can also use more creative lighting techniques in longer sessions, creating more unique artistic portraits. It also gives you a chance to warm up and start to feel more comfortable yielding more true expressions.

WHO: W - Edina HS

WHEN: July and Sept 2021

WHERE: Mill Ruins MPLS and Watertown, MN

HOW LONG: 2 - 3 hour sessions

FINAL PRODUCT: 9.5x13 - 60 Page GoBook with 8x12 digital images

Even thought most yearbook entries have been submitted, you can still have awesome 2022 Grad experience to remember.

2023 Grads it's never too early to start planning for your session.

I would love to help you. Email or Call today!

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