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Congratulations, You've booked your session!

Now What?

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Your Session

So I can tailor your session, please take the time to fill out the information below. 

Start Planning!

Do we have fresh haircuts?

Don't try anything (or anyone) new! 

Try to plan ahead and get a trim a week or two in advance.

Do I need Professional Hair and Make uP?

If you want, go for it! Communicate with your stylist/artist how you are most comfortable seeing yourself.

Outfit Changes?

Hats, scarves, jewelry a jacket change, are all great to change up a single outfit. Senior Sessions are usually the only sessions that allow for full clothing changes. If you have something special in mind let's chat about the possibilities.

what about props?

If a prop tells your story better, or you want to announce something with the image, then bring along that special something. Sometimes young kiddos need a little security or a favorite to to help them feel more comfortable with the photo experience.  

will you tell us how to stand?

ABSOLUTELY! Feet, hands, elbows, fingers, stray hairs, necklaces, clothing - I try and make sure it is all in check to make sure you all look your best! Even the the more casual photos are usually staged.

what colors do my family look best in?

Pick a 2 colors to build with and an accent color for emphasis.

Do we have clothes that we like and fits us well in those colors?

Let kids help chose their clothes, they will feel more apart of the photo experience.

Make sure things are wrinkle free, clean and accentuate your body shape.

Short skirts limit the possibilities for poses.

Can we wear patterns?

Individuals can get away with patterns easier than a group. Use simple patterns (florals or plaids) as accents, like under a sweater or jacket. A fun pattern on the little ones in your family are a 'yes'. It's a 'no' on the big Logo shirt.

Can I bring my dog, cat, rabbit, snake Horse or Hamster?

YES, that will take a little planning though. Bring along a handler or we can arrange a specific time the pet will join us during the session. Treats, toys and leashes are ideal.

Photo Sessions are fun!

Get a good night's sleep, eat, and brush your teeth before hand so your best personalities steal the show!

what else should we bring?

Bad Jokes. I am the worst at jokes during a session! Bring your own for the real belly laughs and eye rolls!!

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